The diversity of our activities reflects a wide range of issues that are in the focus of our interests. We are doing extensive grant-writing and fundraising to find opportunities to successfully achieve certain Sustainable Development Goals. 

Smart Conferences

Organizing innovative International Conferences on Sustainable Development.


Conducting a series of online events in support of Ukraine.


Innovative training and employment program for the IDPs, ATO and Russian-Ukrainian war veterans, and their children.

Psychological Assistance

Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of emotional exhaustion of various segments of population.

Informal Education

Teaching English to vulnerable groups of population.

Fitness Center for Mothers

Creating comfortable conditions for the physical development of mothers with young children.

Cinematic Discussion Club

Development of critical thinking skills in the process of discussing the film.

Ladies' Taxi

Launching a taxi with child car seats for the comfortable transportation of kids.

Literature Translation

Translation of works on information literacy, critical thinking and academic integrity.


Publishing educational literature for the qualitative formation of critical thinking skills.

National Film Production

Search for investors to implement a number of film projects aiming at forming a national identity.

Art Kitchen

Creating an art zone as a center for the restoration of the authentic baking art.